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The mattress in the winter months after the need t


Everybody is good, the cold winter has passed, to our interior more comfortable and sleep more warm, we in the choice of mattress products, need to pay attention to several issues which it?
1、Is not the warmer the better, in the attention of the attention to keep warm, but also pay attention to the air permeability of the mattress, so that we can live up to the body.
2、The choice of coconut palm mattress, should pay attention to about palm material or coconut material, two although coconut palm mattress, but great but do not.
3、After the mattress is used for a period of time, should pay attention to get out of the sun, no matter is any material mattress will produce the humidity or moth.
4、In the purchase of health mattress, look for formal manufacturers, after-sales service, such as matters, because these products are our elderly health is closely related to.
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