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Correct laying of mattresses and their maintenance


    What is the correct way to use the mattress? This problem some general, for different types and different materials of mattress, its use are different, then the daily maintenance nature also is not the same, today we use methods of different types of mattress in a variety of different materials do a summary, and related maintenance method.
    Spring mattress, is our purchase and use of the most of a material of the mattress products, no doubt, the main material of the mattress on the high elastic spring. For this kind of mattress products, usually because we are accustomed to in the middle of the bed rest, so, in the middle of the habit of forming a hollow place, greatly reducing the comfort of the bed. In view of this situation, it can be used in turn, should be no positive and negative for the mattress. Its maintenance is very simple, is not to let it be affected with damp, often drying it.
    Coconut palm mattress, first of all to ensure that we buy a fine texture of the coconut palm mattress, if it is poor, it is impossible to talk about maintenance. This mattress product service life is longer, if maintained properly, the general is no problem. The mattress is the biggest problem is liable to infestation, so, often to sunbathing.
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